Brighten Up Your Home With New Colors

Buy interior and exterior paint in Oneida, New York

Do you remember that beautiful white-painted room at your neighbor’s house? No one does! If you want your home to make a lasting impression, add some color to it. Smith’s Flooring & Paint sells paint for interiors and exteriors in Oneida, New York. Our high-quality paints make any DIY painting project a breeze. Visit our store today to see what we have available.

Why buy your paint from Smith’s Flooring & Paint?

When it comes to buying interior and exterior paint, you have plenty of options. If you want high-quality paint from a small business that cares about you and the final product, there’s only one choice: Smith’s Flooring & Paint. Our paints from Benjamin Moore are:
  • Free of VOCs and other toxins
  • Perfect for interior and exterior projects
  • Fast-drying and rich in color

You won’t even have to leave the room after it’s painted. Whether you want to stain your deck or repaint your living room, visit Smith’s Flooring & Paint for high-quality paints. We’ll help you find the right paint for your project.